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How Much Shredding Do I Have?

Does your office look like this? AccuShred can securely eliminate your office clutter and reclaim your space.

If you’re like most people, you keep your documents in various receptacles as they wait to be shredded.

The AccuShred shredding calculator can convert your piles and bags of outdated confidential documents into a measurement we can use to accurately provide an estimate for our shredding services.

Simply enter the amount of documents and papers you wish to shred to the right of the corresponding container you have.

You are only two steps away from a customized shredding service quote:

  1. Tally your current method of confidential document storage and enter the amount in the corresponding box to the right.
  2. Once you’ve entered all of your current storage methods, click the purple button at the bottom of this page, and your shredding needs will be converted into our standard method of measurement instantly!



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