With society’s emphasis on green living, the environmental practices of almost every company are coming under increasing scrutiny. Companies are scrambling to find ways to improve their environmental “footprint.” AccuShred can provide you with two:

  1. AccuShred provides your company with an environmentally responsible method of disposing of the accumulated mass of paper in your offices. All paper that is destroyed through our paper shredding services and on-site document destruction is sent directly from our Northwest Ohio plant to a paper mill where it is pulped and recycled into new household paper goods. And if you have paper that does not need shredding before recycling, our parent company, State Paper & Metal Company, can accept and recycle bulk lots of paper products. When one ton of paper is recycled, seventeen trees are saved. This means that between AccuShred and State Paper and Metal, we have saved over 120,000 trees this year, alone! Each time we pick up your material for shredding, AccuShred will not only provide you with a Notarized Certificate of Destruction but can also provide you with a Monthly Environmental Report. You can see a sample here.
  2. Computers and other types of digital equipment sent to AccuShred will be recycled in an environmentally-responsible manner. AccuShred will collect obsolete computers, printers, drives, disks, or other electronic devices at your company and transport them to our secure destruction facility. All non-data-bearing electronic component, such as monitors, circuit boards, wiring, power supplies, cases, and batteries, will be safely recycled or disposed of in an environmentally approved manner. In addition, AccuShred only partners with domestic ISO-Certified companies to handle the ultimate end of life recycling of these components. Hard drives and other data storage devices are physically destroyed (shredded), and a notarized Certificate of Destruction is provided for your company’s compliance files.

*State Paper & Metal, AccuShred’s parent company, was founded in 1939