Downstream Data Coverage

Why the proper professional liability insurance is so critical to you, our customer:

Using outside vendors for data destruction and other data-related services has grown very popular because they can do it more securely and more economically than organizations can do it for themselves.

But, with stringent regulations and severe financial consequences, customers have come to realize that they are responsible in the unlikely event a data breach or other loss is caused by those vendors – no matter how it happened.

This is why it is critical to insist that your data-related service provider carry insurance that indemnifies you from any financial consequences they may cause.

Most Professional Liability Products Do NOT Adequately Address the Risks

Off-the-shelf professional liability policies often exclude claims that result from the intentional acts of employees or that violate federal regulations.  Yet, in the case of data-related theft or fraud, those are exactly the acts most likely to cause a claim in the first place!

AccuShred is one of the few data destruction service companies in the United States to invest in Downstream Data Coverage, a professional liability insurance policy developed exclusively for members of the National Association of Information Destruction.  This coverage addresses the shortcomings of standard professional liability coverages that leave customers at risk.

Downstream Data Coverage is only available to service providers that are AAA NAID Certified, a process that verifies a service provider’s security operations with ongoing announced and unannounced audits by trained and accredited third-party security professionals.  AccuShred was the first company in Northwest Ohio and Southeastern Michigan to achieve AAA Certification status.

AccuShred’s commitment to rigorous security and our investment in Downstream Data Coverage give you the complete assurance that you are protected in the unlikely event of a data breach or other security loss.

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