Do Consumers Go Back to a Business That Didn’t Protect Their Identity?

Two-thirds of U.S. adults would not return to a business if that business compromised their personal information, according to a recent study conducted by Harris Interactive.  The research was conducted in August among 2,061 adults ages 18 and older.

When asked which types of organizations patrons would stop doing business with if their personal data were compromised, respondents reported:

  • 55 percent would change banks;
  • 46 percent would switch insurance companies;
  • 42 percent would go to a different drug store/pharmacy;
  • 40 percent would get a new doctor or dentist;
  • 39 percent would get a new lawyer;
  • 38 percent would donate to a different charity/nonprofit organization;
  • 35 percent would not return to their hospital; and
  • 24 percent would no longer donate to their alma maters or another educational institution they attended.

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