Canadian Government Experiences Over 10,000 Document Security Incidents

The Canadian government experienced a massive spike in secure document mishandling since Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau came into office. The current administration has reported more than 10,000 incidents. The highest number of incidents took place in Public Services and Procurement Canada, which reported 2,912 cases of documents not handled between November 4, 2015 and September 19, 2016. With or without security breaches, it still proves a lack of document security protocol.

Canadian document security

Most of the incidents occurred within departments and agencies. Per official sources, this was the result of public servants leaving sensitive papers on their desk at night, or forgetting to lock a filing cabinet.

Why Document Security Should Matter to You

A lack of protocol can lead to costly and detrimental breaches – especially for government-run offices. It’s better to be safe than sorry as the old saying goes. Establishing a policy for document security and data destruction should be a preventative measure, not a response.

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