6 Strategies to Defend Your Business Against Data Breaches

July 9, 2024

Protecting your company information from the threat of a data breach is important for the health of your business, the security of your client’s information, and overall peace of mind. While specific industries have stricter requirements than others, many businesses may face hefty fines or being held legally responsible for any data breach that impacts […]

Adopt These 7 Habits for a Secure Remote Work Environment

June 25, 2024

Remote work is definitely here to stay. It’s a benefit to both employees and employers. The flexibility and convenience, as well as the cost savings of having a remote environment allows your business to thrive from anywhere. However, when employees are working remotely they are removed from the IT protection of company devices, and data […]

Beyond Passwords: Exploring Emerging Authentication Technologies

May 29, 2024

Digital security breaches are increasingly common, and it has become all too apparent that traditional passwords alone are no longer sufficient to protect sensitive information. The evolution of authentication technologies offers robust alternatives that enhance cybersecurity significantly. This article explores several emerging authentication methods that promise improved security and user experience.

The Financial Impact of Secure Shredding

May 23, 2024

The importance of secure document shredding for businesses cannot be overstated. While many organizations focus on cyber security, physically disposing of confidential information is crucial in protecting a company’s financial health. Implementing secure shredding practices is a matter of safeguarding privacy and a strategic move that can lead to significant cost savings. This article delves […]

Shedding Light on the Hidden Risks Found on Retired Routers

May 14, 2024

In the fast-paced evolution of technology, the retirement and recycling of networking devices are commonplace. However, a lurking issue often goes unnoticed: the residual data left on decommissioned routers. A recent research project sheds light on this problem, revealing the hidden risks associated with not thoroughly destroying networking devices.

How One-Time Purge Shredding Can Elevate Business Security

March 6, 2024

Many businesses benefit from having a regular shredding service. For those that have a substantial amount of paperwork, keeping up with it on a regular monthly or quarterly contract can keep their risk of data theft low and their office productivity high. However, businesses who don’t have the need for frequent services can still benefit […]

Secure, Automate, Protect: A Blueprint for Modern IT Security

February 20, 2024

As IT continues to evolve, so do the risks of data theft and the need for security evolution to keep pace. Data is critical to businesses and organizations, as data is what drives growth and innovation, but protecting sensitive information has become more complex due to growing reliance on digital technologies. Modern IT practices need […]

Unpacking 2023’s Most Impactful Cybersecurity Threats

February 6, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of cyberspace, 2023 witnessed a surge in sophisticated cybersecurity threats, challenging organizations and individuals alike. With the ongoing advancement of technology, the strategies utilized by cybercriminals also progress. Below are some of the most impactful cybersecurity threats that shaped the digital security landscape in 2023.

Remote Ransomware is a Big Problem

January 26, 2024

Remote work comes with a myriad of security concerns, and ransomware is one of the major cybersecurity issues for businesses of all sizes. Ransomware – where cybercriminals make money by demanding a ransom payment in exchange for a decryption key to unlock an encrypted system – has been rising alongside remote work. Although paying the […]

Building Customer Trust Through Robust E-Commerce Data Security

January 24, 2024

Customers are doing more and more of their business online. Whether you are selling physical products, digital products, or services, you can grow your business by offering the option for customers to purchase directly on your website. In the digital age, e-commerce is not optional, but necessary to grow. However, e-commerce does come with risks. […]

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