Recommendations for Companies to Help Prevent or Detect Corporate Identity Theft

  1. Use difficult to replicate logos or other devices such as a watermark on company documents
  2. Use color on important documents.
  3. Order nonstandard paper for corporate printing needs. Anti-counterfeiting aids include specially treated paper that displays the word, “Void,” when the paper is copied or tampered with.
  4. Consider using protective devices on any corporate computer, such as software that uses passwords to control access to information in a hard drive. And protective devices on any corporate copier, such as key cards, to track what employees are copying in each department.
  5. Consider a positive pay system with a bank to mitigate the risk of forged checks clearing from the corporate account.
  6. Verify that a vendor is legitimate before providing any completed credit application or other corporate information.
  7. Perform an audit of the controls over the company’s information assets from the Human Resources, E-Commerce Applications, Marketing, Purchasing and Accounting areas.
  8. Determine how the company protecting the information assets and test security.

Take all the necessary steps to prevent corporate identity theft! Be proactive! The investment before identity theft happens to prevent it will always be less and money well spent, rather than the cost and damages associated with being a victim of identity theft!