Electronic Asset Disposal: How To Safeguard Your Information

Electronic Asset Disposal: How To Safeguard Your Information

When it comes to your electronics, from computers to your printers, odds are there’s some data stored on them that could be considered sensitive. If you plan on disposing of old electronics because they are outdated or being replaced, you’ll want to make sure they are disposed of securely through the use of a professional data destruction company. The following are some of the main reasons that you should turn to a professional data destruction company in order to safely dispose of your old data:

1. Data Can Always Be Retrieved

Just because you’ve “deleted” all of your old data on the computer systems or external hard drives, that doesn’t mean that the data you deleted is gone forever. Hackers have access to advanced software that can restore deleted data, which is why you shouldn’t keep old electronics around the office or in storage. Someone could steal these electronics and find sensitive data that can be sold to a competitor or used as leverage against your company. The only way you can truly delete old data is by destroying the device on which it was stored.

2. Data Destruction is a Labor-Intensive Process

Taking a hammer to your old computer probably isn’t going to do much in the way of deleting your data. Crafty thieves will likely be able to put it back together, especially if the key components weren’t destroyed. Besides, attempting to destroy your electronics on your own is going to be a difficult task. Even carrying your electronics to an electronics recycling facility that can destroy it for you is going to be time-consuming and labor-intensive. A professional data destruction company can schedule to come and pick up your electronics and take them back to their facility. Some companies, like AccuShred, have the equipment necessary to completely shred your electronics so they cannot ever be put back together. AccuShred takes this extra step to completely destroy your old electronics, ensuring your data is gone forever, but not all companies do. Don’t be afraid to ask how the data will be destroyed.

3. Your Data Will Remain Secure Until It’s Destroyed

Data destruction companies will typically go to great lengths to ensure that nobody has access to your electronics by securely transporting and storing them before they are destroyed. Knowing that access to your electronics will be extremely limited should provide you with peace of mind. Additionally, most data destruction companies have strict hiring procedures to help ensure that those who have access to your electronics before they are properly destroyed can be trusted.

4. You’ll Avoid Liability

The type of data your old electronics hold can be incredibly sensitive. It can include everything from trade secrets to sensitive employee information (such as social security numbers) and customer information (such as names, addresses, and credit card numbers). If this data were to be stolen, it could be used to commit identity fraud. You’ll also be held liable for not properly securing your data, which can result in not just lawsuits, but also some very bad press that could hurt your company’s reputation.

A data destruction company will provide you with an official certificate of destruction once your electronics have been disposed of. This certificate of destruction ensures that your old data was disposed of properly. Such a certificate can also help you stay in compliance with your industry’s privacy rules and regulations.

Clearly, it is extremely important to properly dispose of electronics in order to ensure that any sensitive data is completely gone and irretrievable. It’s why you should hire a professional data destruction company to safely and securely dispose of old data. For a no-obligation estimate, contact us at AccuShred today.