AccuShred’s Green Machines Fundraising Program

Cash-for-Computers Fundraising Program

Old computers are everywhere: closets, garages, and landfills. Every year, 3.2 tons of computers are deposited in landfills, taking up unnecessary space and leaking harmful chemicals into our soils and atmosphere. The Green Machines Fundraising Program from AccuShred helps protect our environment by paying organizations cash for computers and then completely recycling every component of every computer tower. Why? Because towers are easy to collect and store overtime and they have a lot of recyclable materials inside. Within each tower, there is a disk drive, heat sink, fan, memory chip, motherboard, copper wiring, hard drive (always securely shredded), RAM, and the power supply which can all be destroyed and recycled.

This is data security and total destruction you can take to the bank! AccuShred believes the only truly secure destruction of computer data is physical destruction of the hard drives. With Green Machines, you can build your earnings while earning the trust of your contributors. Rest assured that all components, including the hard drives, will be physically destroyed to insure no remaining data can ever be recovered. Many electronics recycling companies sell computer parts or components for reuse. AccuShred guarantees that every computer will be torn down and recycled in its entirety. It’s better for data security, and better for our landfills. Total destruction is the only way to go!

How it works:

  1. Set up your program: Work with AccuShred to discuss your potential computer totals. AccuShred will give an estimate and agreement on the potential value of your anticipated collection so you can get started right away.
  2. Collect old computers: Work within your organization, plus ask outside groups or businesses to contribute unused computers to your program. Store them in a secure area until pickup. You decide the start and end date of your collection, or run a continuous program, depending on what works best for your organization.
  3. Schedule the pickup: Once your collection is complete, schedule a time for AccuShred to pick up the computer towers. Then gather a group to help load up, and AccuShred will arrive to haul your computers away.

Green Machines is perfect for:

  • Schools
  • Band boosters
  • Church groups
  • Scout troops
  • Clubs
  • Athletic teams
  • Environmental groups
  • Local businesses
  • And many more!

Start your Green Machines program today! Call 419-244-7473 or 800-747-3341 or visit for more information.