How Does Data Destruction Improve Security?

A reliable data destruction company can improve the security of your company's sensitive data.

Physical security is a concern that all organizations have across every industry. It’s why a lot of money is invested in on-site security systems, especially if there is valuable equipment or products being stored. But physical theft isn’t the only thing you need to worry about when it comes to the security of your organization. You also need to protect your data, which is why it’s a good idea to seek out professional data security services to help ensure that your data is safe from theft.

Why Does Your Data Need to be Secured?

Data can be just as valuable as physical objects. Consider all of the data stored on your computer systems and hard drives. Everything from the names and contact information of your customers, employees, and partners, to credit card numbers, social security numbers, private medical information, and more. Not to mention that you may have physical documents containing this data housed on-site.

This data can be stolen in many different ways. A hacker can get into your systems and steal the data. Someone can take your old computer systems and hard drives out of storage and use specialized software to retrieve data even if you wiped the memory clean. Not to mention there are countless ways to store data these days.

When data is stolen or compromised, it can lead to many problems. Organizations within certain sectors may be vulnerable to steep fines due to the inability to protect certain data. For example, in the healthcare field, it’s of vital importance that private medical information isn’t exposed.

When personal data is exposed, it can lead to credit card fraud and identity theft. Not only is this bad for employees and customers whose data was stolen, but it reflects very poorly on your organization. It can hurt your reputation significantly as a result. Not to mention that attempting to fix data breaches that have occurred can cost a substantial amount of money.
There are countless ways for data to be stolen, which is why you need to invest in data security measures like an experienced, reputable data destruction service.

How Can Our Data Destruction Services Improve Your Security?

Storing old electronic devices or paper documents increases the risk of data theft. Even if you delete the data on your electronic devices, it’s not completely gone. This is because data can always be retrieved, especially by someone who knows what they’re doing.

The only way to truly delete data from electronic equipment that you no longer use is to completely destroy it. Here at AccuShred, that’s exactly what we do. We have the equipment necessary to completely shred documents as well as electronic equipment like your computer systems and hard drives.

We also have numerous security protocols in place to ensure that your data is transported to our facilities safely. Once we’ve shredded everything, we will provide you with a certificate of destruction as proof that you took the necessary steps to eliminate sensitive data securely.

Data security is vital to your business. If you’re replacing old electronic equipment that might have sensitive data on it, we can help you properly dispose of it. For more information about our data destruction services, contact us at AccuShred today.