Is a Data Breach Likely to Happen to Your Business?

No matter the size of your business, you are at risk of a data breach. Unless you are proactive about your cybersecurity protocols and take the time to shore up your digital security, a data breach can happen to your business. Data breaches are always possible, but with the right preparation, they won’t be so likely.

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Data Breaches Can Happen to Companies of Any Size

Small companies, midsize companies, and large companies are all at risk of a data breach. Many small companies feel that the information they house wouldn’t be worth the risk when a larger company has much more to steal, but that’s not always how cyber criminals think. Smaller companies may actually be targeted more often since cyber criminals assume, often rightly, that smaller companies don’t have the resources to invest in the same level of cybersecurity as a large company. Scammers know that a small company can be an easy target. And unfortunately, small companies are the ones who are the least capable of recovering from a data breach. A data breach can come with a high cost and lasting impact, both on your finances and your reputation.

Fallout of the Marriott Data Breach

Marriott hotels were hit by another data breach that exposed staff and customer information earlier in 2022. Marriott has been affected by several major hacks in recent years. In the latest incident, hackers were able to steal customer payment information from a Marriott in Baltimore, MD. A threat actor attempted to use social engineering to trick an associate into providing access to the computer. Before going public, the actor had tried to extort money from the hotel chain. This incident is less severe than previous hacks, but proves that organizations that are victims of previous attacks are more likely to be targeted again in the future. Cyber criminals find a weak spot and return to the technique again and again.

Evaluating Your Current Cybersecurity

Given the high cost and lasting impact of a data breach, investing in plans to reduce the risk of a breach is a smart choice for businesses of all sizes. Most businesses are not prepared for a data breach. AccuShred is proud to offer a powerful program called CSR Readiness Pro which includes the CSR Readiness Pro Risk Assessment and Breach Reporting Services. Together, these programs help to reduce the risk that your business will be negatively affected by a data breach. The risk assessment tool can help you identify and assess any potential weak points. Once the weak points are identified, recommendations are made to improve your cybersecurity best practices. If a breach does occur, the breach reporting service has the expertise to handle the situation and help you notify and respond to your customers.

Being proactive is the best way to avoid the high cost of a data breach. Your business needs to have a plan in place for security and you’ll want to know in advance how you will respond to a potential breach if your company is ever faced with one. Employee training in cyber security best practices and an investment in a service that will protect your business both before and after a data breach is becoming more and more common in running a business these days. Cyber criminals are always evolving to steal confidential data. Being prepared and keeping your cybersecurity evolving as well can ensure that your company won’t be the victim of a costly data breach anytime soon. To learn more about how AccuShred can help you protect your company’s sensitive data, contact us today.