How OUTSOURCING Your Shredding is MORE SECURE and LESS EXPENSIVE Than Shredding It Yourself

A NAID “Informed Buyer” Publication

Why Owning an Office Shredder WILL NOT Protect Your Business:

  • Discarded shreds only tell the bad guys what to take.
  • Employees don’t use shredders!
  • Shredding yourself provides no record of compliance.
  • Employees should not handle some sensitive information.
  • Office shredders break down!
  • Office shredders won’t help you with large record purges.
  • The shredder can’t handle some materials.
  • And don’t forget about those old computers!

The 2 Most Common Outsourcing Myths:

  1. “Outsourcing is more expensive than shredding it ourselves.”
  2. “We do not have enough material to warrant a shredding service.”

Why Use a National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) Member?

Not every shredding service takes security as serious as they should. That is why companies should employee NAID Members because they are information destruction professionals. To comply with current information protection regulations, use a NAID Member to protect the value of your firm’s reputation for less.