Ransomware, Data Breach Drills, and Cyber Liability Insurance: Doing Business As Usual

August 23, 2022

As the rise in data breaches continues, more aggressive measures are being sought to ward off a potential data breach no matter how big or small businesses are. Dealing with hacks seems to be just the cost of doing business. But that cost shouldn’t just focus on recovering from a hack. Preparing for a hack […]

Know How to Handle a Data Breach at Your Company

August 9, 2022

The recent news that Promedica accidentally exposed the personal information for nearly 1,200 patients has put the reality of a data breach front and center for many in the Toledo area. After all, if this happened to one of the largest companies in the region, with elaborate processes and sophisticated technology to prevent such situations, […]

Can Your Business Survive a Catastrophic Cyber Attack?

July 20, 2022

No matter how big or small your business is, the cost of a cyberattack is high. You will not only find yourself financially struggling to recover, but your reputation will suffer greatly. A catastrophic cyberattack could destroy your business. Every business is at risk of an attack, and cyber criminals are consistently evolving new ways […]

Would You Recognize an NFT Scam if You Saw One?

May 31, 2022

NFT, which refers to non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that exist only on a digital ledger. NFT scams work by stealing your cryptocurrency login credentials or tricking you as to the legitimacy of your NFT. With the monetary value attached to these digital assets, NFT scams are more popular than ever right now. To keep […]

The Metaverse is Challenging Our Data Protection Best Practices

May 24, 2022

While the pandemic certainly brought virtual connections to the forefront of most of our minds, the world has been moving to a remote and virtual environment for some time. It is not uncommon to work remotely, hold meetings remotely, and effortlessly participate in a virtual environment with everything. However, with the increased reliance on technology, […]

Tips for Tightening Up Your Company’s Data Security

April 21, 2022

You may think that only large companies fall victim to cyber attacks, but the truth is, a company of any size can be targeted for their data. No matter how small your business is, or how undesirable you think your data may be, it’s important to tighten up your data security measures and be proactive […]

Pros and Cons of Using External Hard Drives

April 13, 2022

An external hard drive is a convenient data storage device that can hold various forms of digital files. It’s a separate device that attaches to your computer, usually through a USB port. An external hard drive can be moved between computers and can provide extra storage space for backup files. While external hard drives are […]

Top 7 Data Breaches in the Past Decade

April 7, 2022

Learning from others is a much better way to understand how data breaches can happen. By educating yourself and your staff on what can happen and what the fallout could be, you can better prepare your proactive plan of action. If a data breach ever happens to your business, will you be ready? Although you […]

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan Ready to Go?

April 4, 2022

For many people, disaster recovery means being prepared for a natural disaster, like a flood or tornado. For a business, catastrophes like cyberthreats, system failures, and human errors resulting in data breaches are a very real and scary possibility. You need to be ready for these disasters and have a recovery plan ready to implement […]

Stop Ransomware Threats Before They Start

April 1, 2022

You don’t want to think that your business could fall victim to a data breach, but the reality is it could. No business, no matter how big or small, is at risk. People make mistakes, cybercriminals find new strategies, and your company’s sensitive data could fall into the wrong hands. Your staff and clients are […]

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