Popular Nevada Chain Publicly Addresses Recent Data Breach

data breech dotty

No one ever likes to hear that they were impacted by a data breach. Many of us assume that the businesses we frequent put a priority on our information security. Yet, even when an organization, such as the Nevada Restaurant Services, has security measures in place, businesses and their customers can still be vulnerable.

Data Breach at Dotty’s Casino

Dotty’s is a Nevada fast-food chain with gambling services. A recent cyberattack was brought on by malware that allowed cybercriminals to gain access to and copy data, including customer names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers, license or state ID numbers, passport information, banking numbers, credit card numbers, and more. Dotty’s contacted potential victims and urged customers to be vigilant for any signs of fraud. The NRS (Nevada Restaurant Services) took immediate steps to secure the systems and conduct an investigation.

Why Small Businesses are Often Targeted for Data Theft

Small businesses may not want to believe that they are at risk for data theft. Yet cybercriminals target smaller businesses because they know that small businesses are less likely to have invested in cybersecurity. Targeting a small business gives cybercriminals a greater chance of getting access to a specific customer set. In the case of Dotty’s Casino, the criminals who installed the malware were focusing their efforts toward a target group who may not have been as vigilant and concerned about identity theft. Yet in the case of a data breach, small businesses often suffer more than larger ones.  Small businesses cannot afford to take that risk.

How to Stay Vigilant Against Potential Threats

It is crucial that businesses of any size take the threat of cyber attacks seriously and have the right measures in place. The first step in protecting your small business from a data breach is to have a prevention plan in place. All employees should understand the prevention measures your company is taking. In the case of a data breach, a response plan should also be in place, so that all employees can immediately begin following the protocol to minimize the fallout. Having all your employees educated and reminded to stay vigilant can help prevent potential threats. Most cyber-attacks on small businesses succeed due to negligence, not the intent. By educating every employee about how to spot potential cyber threats is one of the most important things your business can do to avoid falling victim to a data breach.

Best Practices to Avoid a Data Breach

Investing in security software is a good start, but you will need to evolve along with the threats to make it – and keep it – effective. Make sure that your software is always up to date and periodically review the software to ensure it is protecting you where you are most vulnerable. Firewalls, anti-virus software, encryption, and detection software are only as good as their implementation.

Investing in a privacy assessment is one of the smartest decisions any small business can make. Having a privacy assessment will allow your business to identify any potential weak points so you can address them immediately – not after they allow a breach. Your organization can use the information from the privacy assessment to develop protocols for protection and response.

AccuShred has partnered with CSR Readiness Pro to provide businesses like yours with a self-assessment tool and suggestions on how to increase your data security awareness. CSR can determine if your organization is prepared to handle potential risks, as well as to provide you with a Breach Reporting Service to assist with the legal requirements of responding to a breach if you ever find yourself in that predicament. Being proactive about data security is the best way to address potential threats and keep your business safe. Contact us today to learn more about how AccuShred can help you stay diligent in your data security measures.