Protect Your Company by Knowing What to Shred

Most business owners understand the importance of data and information security, and that involves understanding what documents need to be destroyed and the most effective procedure for secure paper shredding. Human error is the most common cause of data breaches, and business owners and managers need to ensure that their employees understand how to protect the company from these costly situations.

Hand is holding a bunch of shredded paper.

Documents that Need to be Protected

The first thing that business owners and office managers need to understand is what information needs to be protected. While all documents have value and should be treated as such, there are documents that need additional protection and need to be in locked filing cabinets until it’s time for secure document destruction. These documents include:

  •   Contracts
  •   Customer lists
  •   Medical records
  •   Payroll information

Choosing Which Documents Need Secure Paper Shredding

When sorting through documents to destroy, it’s important to know which documents need secure shredding. When purging paper documents, consider:

  •   If the document contains any personally identifiable information.
  •   If the document contains information protected by privacy laws.
  •   If the document could potentially violate any privacy law.
  •   If the document shares any corporate information that could be considered confidential.
  •   If the document contains any financial information.

Keeping Your Employees Informed about Policies

While you as the business owner or office manager may be well informed about document security and paper shredding, it is crucial to get your employees on board. Employees should be informed and advised about potential risk areas. Employees should be encouraged to routinely declutter their workspaces to avoid leaving any potentially secure documents out. Desks, printing stations, and unsecure recycling bins and trash cans are all potential security concerns. If employees are working remotely, there should be strict company protocols when it comes to the printing, storing, shredding, and disposal of sensitive documents.

The Best Procedure for Document Destruction

While office shredders are convenient, many of them are inadequate when it comes to thoroughly destroying secure documents that could potentially put your company at risk. When it comes to paper shredding, the right shredder matters. Partnering with a company who is dedicated to assisting your company in protecting all secure data can give you the confidence that you are implementing best practices.

Protecting your company comes down to knowledge and communication. As the business owner or manager, you need to be aware of what documents need protection, when they need to be destroyed, the safest way to destroy them, and that your employees are informed and on board with the procedures. Most data breaches are unintentional, and the best way to avoid human error is to ensure that everyone involved in your business understands the policy. Having a shredding service to keep your company focused and accountable is a good way to start. AccuShred offers a variety of robust data protection services to meet the unique needs of your company. Contact us today to learn more.