Record-Breaking Fiscal Year

The AccuShred Team Would Like to Thank All of its Customers for Putting Us on Top

Two of the most talked about topics in businesses today are having a major impact on AccuShred’s profitability and growth. For the fiscal year, which ended on June 30th, revenue rose nearly 50% at the Toledo-based company. Both the movement of companies to become more green, or environmentally responsible, and the rising importance of privacy and data protection fueled the best fiscal year on record for the organization which provides secure destruction of obsolete files, computer disks, CDs, audio and video tapes, books, X-rays, photographs, uniforms, computer hard drives and other electronics, security IDs and more.

In the last quarter alone, AccuShred’s processing volume was over 660,000 pounds or 333 tons, a 38% increase over the same quarter in 2007. The number of pickups the company arranged to securely remove items from client locations and transport the materials to the AccuShred facility for destruction increased by nearly 20% over last year’s number as well. “We have often said our biggest competitor is the company that believes they can handle their own destruction needs with a personal shredder and an administrative assistant,” said Nate Segall, vice president of AccuShred. “Now that more companies are becoming educated about the intricacies of privacy issues surrounding the destruction of their documents and other items – and now that more want to ensure that task is being done in an environmentally-friendly way – we are seeing an increased demand for our services.”

To keep up with this growing demand, AccuShred has purchased two new pieces of equipment. A NEXGEN baler, capable of processing nine tons of paper per hour, will add efficiency to AccuShred’s process, giving the organization capacity for more and larger clients. This baler automates the tying of bales into tighter, hence more secure, bales as well as reduces throughput time.

In addition to the baler, AccuShred has purchased a 2009 UltraShred Shred Truck. The new shred truck will allow up to 12,000 pounds of paper to be shredded at a time. This is a significant upgrade from AccuShred’s current shred truck, which can destroy up to 5,000 pounds of paper at a time.

“As we continue to enjoy success in the marketplace, we will continue to invest in our company,” said Segall. “We would not be able to be in this position, however, without the continued confidence of our loyal customers. We will continue to do what we have been doing to get to this point – and that is by providing outstanding customer service and by having a knowledgable, professional, team-oriented staff.”