Securing and Disposing of Sensitive Data The Right Way

Securing and Disposing of Sensitive Data The Right Way

Insufficient data security protocols really do have the potential to lead to a significant financial loss or even the closing of your business. Use your mind’s eye to envision a situation in which a hacker or disgruntled employee accesses your system, pilfers your data (including client information) and sells it on the black market. You fulfill your duty of notifying your clients of the data breach. The bulk of those clients subsequently head to your competitors. Your business closes within six months.

This is just one of the many nightmares possible with insufficient data protection and disposal. Let’s take a look at how your organization can avoid such an outcome, protect your data, and ultimately keep your current and future client information safe.

Dispose of Your Data Properly

The disposal of sensitive data is easier said than done. Too many organizations simply toss old documents in the trash. If you have a document with data that is even slightly sensitive, do not toss it in the garbage or recycling bin! The best approach to destroying such documents in an environmentally-friendly manner that also safeguards your data is to shred it.

However, the use of any old shredder will not suffice. The average office has a decades-old shredder that tears documents into pieces that a determined criminal could easily put back together with some time and effort. It is better to rely on data security professionals, like AccuShred, to destroy your sensitive documents down into tiny pieces that cannot be reconnected for criminal purposes.

Do Not Let Anyone and Everyone Use Your Computers

Ideally, your organization will limit computer and data access as a whole to those with the proper credentials. The sad truth is some in-house employees simply cannot be trusted with valuable information. It is also important to prevent outsiders from gaining access to your company’s desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other computing devices. Lock mobile computing devices, such as laptops, in place when not in use. Restrict network access to computers in or near public spaces, such as the welcoming area, to prevent data interception and theft.

Teach Your Team the Basics of Data Security

All too often, business owners, managers, and human resource personnel assume staffers understand the basics of data security. Oftentimes, the exact opposite is true.

Some people strictly focus on their specialty and do not have the time or interest to delve into other matters such as data security practices. Sadly, all it takes is one innocent error by a new employee or an employee who lacks tech savvy to open the door for data theft. Provide every single employee with data security training so they can easily identify risks, avoid those pitfalls, and preserve the integrity of your valuable data.

Physically Secure Your Data

Above all, it is imperative you take the proper steps to physically secure your data. This is not to say every single file should be encrypted and shielded with safeguards of varying sorts. Rather, data that has client or employee information or other sensitive/valuable information should be well-secured. Limiting data access to the appropriate parties is a large component of digital security. It will also help to store tangible files (as opposed to the intangible digital variety) and portable storage devices with valuable/sensitive data in containers that can be locked.

AccuShred is on Your Side

Businesses of all sizes are challenged with protecting and disposing of data. If your current data disposal methods are lacking in any way, be proactive by asking for assistance from our professionals. AccuShred is here to properly dispose of your data so no one can access the information after you get rid of it. In the event your company does experience a data breach, we can help you through it. With CSR Readiness Pro, we can help you determine if your current data security protocols are weak, give you tips on how to strengthen them, and if you suffer a breach, CSR handles the time-consuming and costly process of reporting the breach to the appropriate state and federal agencies in a timely manner. Let us eliminate your unnecessary paperwork/files so you can enjoy peace of mind with unparalleled data protection and prevent costly data interception and theft. Contact us at AccuShred today