Why is a Secure Chain of Custody Crucial for Data Destruction Security

Companies often need to upgrade their IT equipment. The upgrading process involves getting rid of the old infrastructure and erasing the data contained therein. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t know how to dispose of old hard drives properly, and this results in data security issues.

Without a secure chain of custody, you can’t keep track of the destruction and recycling process. You also have no way to guarantee that your company’s sensitive information is safe. This is why you need internal policies and external partners who can provide quality data destruction services.     

Understanding the Chain of Custody

Chain of custody is the collection of procedures that ensures your data destruction process is safe. When figuring out how to dispose of old hard drives, you need to consider who has custody of the equipment, how it will be transferred from one party to another, and how the final disposal process will be carried out.

A proper chain of custody provides visibility and transparency to the entire data destruction process. When developing a chain of custody workflow, you should have the ability to scan serial numbers (when keeping track of equipment) and sign legal documents to ensure that all parties comply with your policy. Assigning a project manager to oversee the entire process is also recommended.

Your old hard drives and servers contain sensitive information that could end up in the wrong hands. Therefore, having a clear chain of custody allows you to trust your chosen data destruction provider.

Why a Proper Chain of Custody is Important?

Upgrading IT equipment is an exciting time for any business. Not only do you get to enjoy higher quality services, but you can also boost efficiency by streamlining workflows. But don’t forget that your old infrastructure needs to be safely disposed of. A chain of custody can help with data destruction services in the following ways:

Maintaining High Data Security Standards

The obvious benefit of proper data disposal (and equipment destruction) is that you get to maintain high security standards. By documenting every step of the process, your data is less likely to end up in the wrong hands. Furthermore, a chain of custody includes both internal procedures and guidelines for third party companies. This means that your employees will be aware of how to handle old hard drives, and the data destruction service will provide adequate security throughout the transportation process.

Keeping a Well-Documented Process

Speaking of documentation, detailed records provide documentation that you can revisit in case of any complications or an audit. If data from your old equipment is compromised, a chain of custody allows you to retrace your steps and plug any loopholes.

Save on the Cost of Data Destruction

If you’re trying to figure out the best way to dispose of old hard drives, complete hard drive destruction is the answer. Simply wiping data off an old drive could result in many different complications- including malicious sources restoring the information contained therein.

A chain of custody allows you to map the hard drive destruction process from start to finish. Hiring a data destruction company like AccuShred will give you peace of mind knowing the chain of custody is secure. Not all data destruction companies are the same. Contact us today to learn more about what sets us apart.