Why Should You Have a Certificate of Destruction?

All businesses and organizations are at risk of a data breach that can impact their business and their customers. Most business owners understand that one of the strategies to avoid a potential data breach is secure document destruction, but they feel that an in-office shredder is enough. If you shred your own sensitive documents, is there a need for anything more? But what an in-office shredder can’t provide your business with is a Certificate of Destruction, and that can make a real difference in knowing your information is secure.

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Outsourcing Data Destruction a Smart Idea for Small Businesses

When you try to handle data destruction in house, there is ample opportunity for human error. Whoever you have shredding documents will be taking time from their other tasks to handle it, and may not have the time to ensure that the shredding is done properly. In addition, most small businesses do not have access to the right equipment to truly destroy documents and electronics and certainly will not be able to provide substantial proof of destruction in case of an audit. Outsourcing your data destruction takes this important task off the hands of your employees and gives it to the experts with the right equipment to get the job done right.

Choosing the Right Data Destruction Company

Once you have made the choice to use a data destruction company to handle your shredding and data destruction, you will need to make sure you choose the right company. Not all data destruction companies are equal. You need to make sure you find a company that:

  • Has the right equipment to ensure full destruction of all confidential information, including electronics.
  • Is NAID certified, meaning that they are subject to be in compliance with the strict standards and external audits of their data destruction services.
  • Provides written proof of data destruction in the form of a Certificate of Destruction.

What a Certificate of Destruction Means

A Certificate of Destruction (COD) is a document that will contain all the important details of your shredding service, such as when it occurred, the location of the destruction, the type of destruction, and any other important information. The Certificate of Destruction will confirm that all the material has been securely destroyed. This isn’t just to give you and your company peace of mind. This document is proof that the information is no longer a security risk and your business is compliant with privacy laws. If your company or organization handles documents that contain confidential information, you will need to destroy them according to specific guidelines. To ensure that you are compliant in case of an audit or a potential data breach, the Certificate of Destruction serves as proof that your company has followed all guidelines.

If you outsource your data destruction to the right company, you can focus on running your business without worrying that a data or security breach could impact your customers. You will know that your data is protected and your information is safe. By choosing the right company, you can trust that the experts are there to protect you and your information. If you’re looking for a local, experienced NAID certified shredding service to handle your data destruction needs, contact AccuShred. We take pride in our community reputation, and have the experience and equipment necessary to ensure your documents are secure and completely destroyed.