Employee Requirements

Company will obtain background checks on each applicant within a probationary period not to exceed 60 days. No person subject to felony conviction in the last seven years for a crime involving theft, fraud, burglary or larceny may be employed in a capacity where they may come in contact with confidential client information.

  • Every employee must sign a confidentiality agreement.
  • Employees are drug-screened at the time of hiring.
  • On a random basis, 50% of employees are drug-screened annually, or the local management has been trained in “Substance Abuse Recognition Awareness.”
  • Drivers meet all licensing requirements of the governmental jurisdiction.

Operational Security

  • Materials are always attended by a company employee or physically secured from unauthorized access while in the custody of the destruction contractor before they are destroyed.
  • All materials are contained during transfer from customers’ custody to transportation vehicle to prevent loss from wind or other atmospheric conditions.
  • The firm has written policies and procedures for drivers and processing employees.
  • Drivers and helpers all wear a specific uniform to aid in their identity (minimum of a company shirt).
  • There is a monitored alarm system in place and in use when the facility is unoccupied.
  • Employees must display a photo I. D. badge.
  • Unauthorized access to the secure destruction area is effectively prevented.
  • There is a closed circuit camera system monitoring all access points and processing activity in the secure facility, with recordings retained for 90 days in an organized, retrievable manner.
  • All visitors to AccuShred sign a log with their name, time in, affiliation, and time out. Visitors are escorted or under the supervision of an AccuShred employee at all times while in the plant. This log information is maintained for a period of one year.

The Destruction Process

  • All vehicles used for transfer of client records will have the applicable government inspection for road worthiness on file.
  • All vehicles will have lockable cabs and lockable fully enclosed boxes. All drivers must have readily accessible two way communications devices.
  • Paper media is destroyed by equipment with the following OEM specifications:
    • Continuous shred
    • Cutter Width: 1/2″
  • Destroyed materials will be disposed of in a responsible manner which does NOT include use for animal bedding or packing materials or dumping a a public landfill.

Insurance & Company Profile Info

  • General liability insurance in effect for $3,000,000 or more.
  • Company is a legally registered business in the state of residence.
  • Owners and officers have comprehensive 3rd party background checks on file. No person having been convicted of a felony, involving theft or larceny that is related to any fiscal, financial or fiduciary matter, may own, in part or in whole, a NAID Certified information destruction contractor.