Why Your Business Needs a Recurring Shred Schedule

Streamlining business processes can create efficiency in the workplace. Many business owners understand the importance of secure data destruction and the need to partner with a qualified and certified data destruction service, but occasional shredding may not be enough. When you handle your data destruction needs on an “as needed” basis, it can be easy to let things slide, allowing business information to accumulate. This can lead to a greater risk of a costly data breach. Many successful businesses are focusing on process optimization and efficiency in the workplace, and the concept of recurring data shredding on a schedule fits into this model.

Business woman holding a stack of confidential business paperwork at her desk.

How Much Should You Be Shredding?

While the world is becoming increasingly paperless, you probably need to be shredding more than you think you do. Most businesses know that any financial paperwork or information with personal information on your employees or clients should be shredded, but that isn’t necessarily enough. Some paperwork may seem harmless, but can still be a risk to your clients and business if it falls into the wrong hands. Travel documents, shipping labels, packing slips, receipts, invoices, and most of the mail you receive needs to be shredded. Anything that contains your business name, any employee name, address, and any other identifying information should be shredded. While it seems silly to shred something as simple as a post-it note, if you’ve jotted down any information that could be dangerous in the wrong hands, it should be shredded.

Benefits of a Recurring Shred Schedule

There are many benefits to a recurring shredding schedule. Without a regularly scheduled service, it can be easy to allow documents to pile up, and as the piles grow, the level of security decreases and the risk of a potential data breach increases. Any data breach can be costly, with businesses of any size at risk, and anything that can be done to mitigate that risk will give your customers more confidence and enhance your reputation. Some of the other benefits of a regular shredding schedule include:

  • Decluttering Your Office

Although many businesses are trying to reduce their paper use, paper documents are still necessary in many industries, and offices can quickly become overwhelmed with papers and files. A cluttered office is not only disorganized, but can give the wrong impression to your clients. Many professionals connect a clean workspace with enhanced productivity and mental clarity, and document shredding can eliminate disorganization and reduce paper waste. When you know that you have a recurring shredding schedule, you can handle the paper in your office accordingly by using the secure shredding bins to keep any sensitive documents from inadvertently ending up in the wrong hands.

  • Save Time and Space

Some small businesses, and even larger businesses, are convinced that they can handle their shredding on site with a standard office shredder. In reality, by contracting with a document destruction company, you can save time, space, and money-and your discarded information stays much more secure. When you outsource your shredding, particularly on a recurring schedule, you are able to use your employees for the tasks you need them for, where they can help generate and support the business. Rather than having to procure effective shredders, maintain them, and store them, with a recurring shredding service you will only need to have a secure bin. The convenience of recurring shredding service will free up storage space in your office, and the practice can improve employee productivity and efficiency overall.

  • Protect Your Employees and Customers

There is nothing more important to the reputation of your business than protecting the sensitive information of your employees and customers. One data breach can destroy your reputation and take a significant amount of time and expense to recover from. Protecting confidentiality and security should be a top priority for your business. When you prioritize data destruction, you are showing your clients that you value their privacy. Receiving a Certificate of Destruction will prove to your clients that you take data protection seriously.

Implementing a Recurring Shred Schedule

When you are ready to schedule a recurring shredding service, look for a shredding service who is NAID certified, can handle all your secure destruction needs, and provides a Certificate of Destruction. NAID certified shredding services will adhere to the protocols that guarantee security throughout the entire destruction process. Data destruction services who have gone through NAID certification meet or exceed the industry guidelines. Certification requires these companies to follow strict policies and procedures, obtain background screening for all their employees, provide GPS tracking for all vehicles, and will pass both announced and unannounced audits of their procedures.

Once you have chosen a shredding service you trust, talk with the experts about the best schedule for your needs. Shredding can be done off-site, with transportation back to the facility in secure containers, or on-site with a mobile shredding truck. Document shredding can be done on a schedule that suits your business shredding needs, and the document pick up can be coordinated with delivery of a secure bin for documents in need of destruction.

With a regular shredding schedule by a certified data destruction company, you can take confidence in knowing you are doing your part to keep all sensitive information about your clients and employees out of the wrong hands. One mistake can cost your business dearly, so investing in a recurring, professional shredding service is a small price to pay for that peace of mind. To learn more about our data destruction services, contact AccuShred today!