All 50 States Have Breach Notification Laws

The law requires any person or organization that conducts business in their state to report unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

Responding to a data breach can be complex, stressful, and very expensive.

Businesses stand to lose more than just data through a breach.  Your reputation is on the line, and a data breach is not something you can easily recover from.  Once your customers lose trust in your business, they may not be willing to give you a second chance with their personal information.

Most companies are unaware they have suffered a data breach, much less know how to handle one if the unfortunate situation presents itself. Make CSR’s award-winning patented Breach Reporting Service™ part of your organization’s ongoing Incident Response Plan. You can protect what’s most important to you and your clients with the CSR Breach Reporting Service™.

How It Works

Breach Reporting Service™ – 4 Simple Steps

Collect all necessary information
Call the toll-free number
The CSR Privacy Professional will evaluate the incident using powerful and patented CSR systems
CSR completes all necessary reporting and, if needed, works with the user to complete consumer notification

Make CSR Breach Reporting Service™ part of your organization’s ongoing Incident Response Plan.


Did You Know?

If you possess PII of customers that reside in 10 different states, and those records are breached, you may be required to report that data breach in all 10 states, to multiple state and federal agencies, on potentially 10 different reporting timeframes! Your mandated reporting requirements include more than just the state in which your business resides.

Watch the CSR Breach Notification Video

Find out how the CSR Breach Reporting Service™ works and learn more about mandatory data breach notifications and reporting.

See the combined power of CSR Readiness® & the CSR Breach Reporting Service™ in the CSR Readiness® Pro Suite.

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